German Articles | Linocut

The series made in linocut and inspired by the articles from German magazines. Prints coloured in red and black contains from typical characters and funny postscript proposals that I had read in magazine. I specially developed print for this series that I used in my works. On the one hand the postscript represents artistic details, and on the other hand gives us hints for imagination disclosure.

The linocut series were in many Galleries and Exhibitions as: Projectartbeat, Viennafair and Tbilisi Academy of Arts.

Theme: German Articles / Art Fair: Viennafair / Tbilisi Academy of Arts / Design – Photography: Zura Mchedlishvili / Printmaker: Sofo Kirtadze

Art Gallery: Projectartbeat / Art Fair: Viennafair / Illustrator: Sofo Kirtadze


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