Peter Bichsel – And Really Frau Blum Would Very Much Like to Meet The Milkman

Yes, Grandpa wanted to be a beast tamer so that those who did not believe him would run away. But he did not make a fuss. He cut her in a place that had ducks. Now he died, because he drank a lot. At some point in his life he must have digested it so that he would not become a beast tamer. Since then he started to find the circus ticket very expensive.

His sleep was irregular, he slept a lot and everywhere, and soon woke up. The lions had been lost from his dreams, and with them the dreams were lost. He no longer knew how beautiful the girls were and left huge tips to the waitress. Now his money was shared. The offspring took the lions and carefully tucked them under their beds. Both the best, for him and for us […] They never asked their grandfather anything, he had not become wise. Only an old man became. And it is very important to become old. You have to be in pain when you have to let go of the lions. The lions left silently, the grandfather did not notice. Now he is dead, because he drank a lot.

Publisher: Bakur Sulakauri Publishing / Illustrator: Sofo Kirtadze


Swiss writer and journalist Peter Bichsel was born on March 24 1935 in Lucerne. He started publishing lyric works and short stories in early youth, but the recognition and a number of prestigious literary awards followed the publication of his 1964 work And Really Frau Blum Would Very Much Like to Meet the Milkman. In this collection of 21 miniature stories, the author communicates in a simple, laconic and at times even naïve manner, the truly extensive epic themes of estrangement and solitude, happiness and old age, love and hatred.

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